CaimanJ is an aircraft maintenance management system designed to streamline the overall maintenance process flow, reducing workload and costs with a strong focus on keeping your fleet safe and efficient.


CaimanJ helps all concerned parties in carrying out their duties quickly and efficiently. Chief officers can easily keep under control the entire fleet status with an overview of the fleet availability, in order to assess the fleet's operational capability. At the same time, maintainers can better plan activities based on future needs and maintenance requirements. Technical personnel also benefit from the increasingly efficient workflow, and are able to perform inspection and maintenance activities at their ease, while minimizing the overall impact on the fleet's efficiency.

A user-centered interface

Each part of CaimanJ's interface has been optimized for the specific use case it represents. The interface and the workflow have been developed together with end-users. We know how to best address your needs.

Cost control and reduction

An accurate tracking of parts, materials and maintenance offers the immediate benefit of a better cost control, as these items often form the bulk of the operating cost of a fleet. An indirect advantage is that manufactures' warranties can be tracked and enforced effortlessly, should a part fail during the warranty period.

Working in a disconnected environment

Sometimes, such as in case of seaborne aircrafts, connectivty between bases and/or stations is not feasible. In these cases, offline management is possible, and the optional Deployment module gathers information locally, to be later relayed to the main base.